Work with Generacion to create better futures for street children.
Accompaniment is an essential element of the mission and methodology of Generacion.  To accompany is a practical and effective action, and is precisely the way in which protection is given. It is a way to understand the concrete reality and be present to prevent children rights’ violations. Moreover, the presence of a wise and dedicated international community of companions with at risk children is a sign of hope for the creation of a just world for all children.

To inquire about getting to know the team of Generacion in Peru and learning more about their work, please contact us letting us know if you are interested in having a short-term immersion experience or if you’d like to be a semester volunteer. Short-term volunteers can only come as part of an organized group. Our preferred agencies to work with are Altruvistas.org and llamaexpeditions.com. For semester volunteers we would need your contact information, three reference letters, and resume.

Children at risk are a complex phenomenon and for this reason, Generacion recognizes the importance of providing a space in which scholars and students can do research and help find solutions to pressing policy issues.  Past researchers have investigated topics such as the methodology of working with street children, active participation of children at risk, the role of collaborators, and so on. Generacion also collects data from the people at risk in the streets and at their homes to document abuses committed against them.  Generacion collaborates with researchers at San Marcos University in this effort.

To inquire about a possible research opportunity, please contact us stating your contact information, name of the university, and explain the kind of research that you’d like to do with Generacion.

A vital part of Generacion’s mission is to defend the rights of street children. Generacion advocates for just and generous policies and programs for the benefit of children in the streets and victims of human trafficking, so that those made vulnerable by violence, poverty, and exploitation can receive support and protection and durable solution to their plight.
In order to accomplish this goal, Generation works with children, adolescents, and young adults using the model of community-based organizing as a method of working with at risk groups living in the streets to address the problems and concerns of their communities, and in turn, vitalize and strengthen an active participation of their destiny.
Generacion also works with the coalition of working children in Latin America to move forward policies that protect children’s dignity and identity. Generacion brings the field-based accounts of needs, that too often do not make the headlines to the attention of policy makers, to politicians, journalists, and our global network. By proposing specific actions to meet these needs, our advocacy seeks to make a direct and lifesaving impact on the well-being of children in the streets and victims of human trafficking.

Children in the streets are vulnerable of human rights violations. They often arrive with only the clothes on their backs.  They often do not know where to turn to receive a meal, find shelter and reorganize their lives.  They also arrive emotionally and psychologically devastated, due to violence and abuse.

To support the immediate needs of street children, please make a donation so we can respond to the critical humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable children.